BuildBoss officially started up in 2019 as our founder, Jay Winterton, took his 15 years of estimating experience and designed the AEC industry’s leading bid management software. Having sat in the estimator’s chair and having used many of the bid management tools that were then available, he saw many of the needs of the industry that were not being met. Jay also took note of the flaws that existed in the existing bid management software that was available. Contractors would be able to find more bidders with even more powerful search tools, send out bid documents with even greater efficiency, and rely on even more accurate and organized information.

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, the idea of BuildBoss turned into a reality. BuildBoss had accomplished what it set out to become. It had developed infinitely better bid management software! The first major release of our superior cloud-based bid management software will be launched later in 2022, to finally meet the needs of contractors across the world.

Get ready! This will revolutionize the AEC industry and will be seen as history in the making.

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